Broomhill Surgery, Sheffield, South Yorkshire

Broomhill Surgery is one of the leading GP practice in Sheffield and it is located at 5 Lawson Road, S Yorkshire, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S10 5BU. Patients can contact Broomhill Surgery at 01142 665344 for appointments. Services offered by Broomhill Surgery are Travel health with yellow fever, Primary care counselling service, Asthma Clinic, Phlebotomy, Learning disability health check and others. Broomhill Surgery GP has total 9544 registered patients, out of this there are 4802 female registered patients and 4742 male registered patients. It offers Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) which allows you to get your medicines with out the need of paper prescription. Broomhill Surgery has medical staff of 21 to cater to your healthcare needs. NHS Sheffield CCG is responsible for effective clinical commissioning of Broomhill Surgery.

Contact Information

5 Lawson Road, S Yorkshire
Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S10 5BU
01142 665344

GP Profile

Broomhill Surgery address, phone number, fax number, website, email etc. details are mentioned as below. Patients can call on the below given phone number for appointments.
NameBroomhill Surgery
Organization codeC88028
Address5 Lawson Road, S Yorkshire
Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S10 5BU
Phone number01142 665344
Fax number0114 268 0179
CommissionerNHS Sheffield CCG

Opening times

Broomhill Surgery opening timing for reception and surgery are as mentioned below for complete week. Patients can book their appointments accordingly.

Services & Clinics

Broomhill Surgery have following clinics at their center and they provide below mentioned services to the patients.
Travel health with yellow feverPrimary care counselling service
Asthma ClinicPhlebotomy
Learning disability health check


Broomhill Surgery has following Accessibility and Parking facilities available which can be availed by incoming patients.
Disabled parking Yes
Disabled WC Yes
Induction loop Yes
Step free access Yes
Wheelchair access Yes


There are 21 medical staff working at Broomhill Surgery. Following are the staff details who work at Broomhill Surgery with their name, job tittle and GMC Number.
NameJob titleGMC Number
MS Elizabeth CockerillAdministrator
Ms Carolin HerwigCounsellor
Dr Lucie BrittainGeneral Practitioner6144598
Dr Jane CharlesGeneral Practitioner7039556
Dr David SavageGeneral Practitioner2940076
Dr Kay FrancisGeneral Practitioner3314010
Dr Martin FranceGeneral Practitioner3066551
Dr Christopher ParryGeneral Practitioner6101410
Dr Samantha HardmanGeneral Practitioner6114799
Dr Prachi WatveGeneral Practitioner6056779
Mrs Joanne ElliottOther
Mrs Helen RobinsonPractice Manager
Mrs Emma HusbandPractice Nurse
Mrs Claire PhillipsPractice Nurse
Mrs Jane NormanPractice Nurse
Mrs Karen WiggettReception Staff
Ms Brooke LeemingReception Staff
Ms Jan RoseReception Staff
Mrs Susan PheaseyReception Staff
Mrs Helen AndrewsReception Staff
Mrs Laura WhitlamReception Staff


Some measuring parameters of Broomhill Surgery are taken and their fetched values are as mentioned below.
Antibiotic Prescribingitems per standardised prescribing unit (see definition)
Cancer Detection Rate41.3% detected by practice, out of 46 new diagnoses.
Care Quality Commission Inspection RatingsGood
Cervical Cancer Screening85.58% screened, of 1914 eligible women.
Childhood Vaccinations up to Age 2 (score out of 10)score out of 10. Achieved over 90% coverage for 4/4 vaccinations.
Dementia - Face to Face Reviews93.65% reviewed by GP, out of 63 patients diagnosed.
Diabetes - Managing Blood Glucose Level (HbA1c)76.74% within a recommended level, out of 301 patients.
Flu vaccinations - Aged 65 and over group76.0% vaccinated, of 2094 eligible people.
Flu vaccinations - Under 65 At Risk Groups52.5% vaccinated, of 606 eligible people.
High Blood Pressure Management83.48% with recommended measurement, out of 1156 patients.
Mental Health Comprehensive Care Planning93.48% with a plan, out of 46 patients.
Patient Experience - Confidence and Trust in GP98.7% had confidence, of 139 respondents.
Patient Satisfaction with GP Practice Opening Times72.4% were satisfied, of 138 respondents.
Proportion of children aged 1 with full course of recommended vaccines92.96% vaccinated.
Proportion of children aged 2 with Haemophilus influenzae type b and Meningitis C booster vaccine97.14% vaccinated.
Proportion of children aged 2 with Measles, Mumps and Rubella vaccine97.14% vaccinated.
Proportion of children aged 2 with pneumococcal conjugate booster vaccine92.86% vaccinated.
Stroke prevention: medication for patients with atrial fibrillation85.38% treated, out of 171 patients.

Registered Patients

Broomhill Surgery GP has 9544 registered patients out of this it has 4802 female registered patients and 4742 male registered patients.
Total number of male patients and female patients

Number of male and female patients, grouped by 10 years

National Patient Survey

Broomhill Surgery GP survey as compared to national survey is as mentioned below. Green means it is better than national average of gp's and red means it is worse than the national average. NA stands for information not available.

Better than National average Worst than National average

MeasureProviderNational Avg.
The proportion of patients who would recommend their GP surgery90.1 %77.4 %
Percentage of patients rating their experience of making an appointment as good or very goodNA72.7 %
The proportion of respondents to the GP patient survey who gave a positive answer to 'Generally, how easy is it to get through to someone at your GP surgery on the phone'. Higher values are better71.8 %68 %
The proportion of respondents to the GP patient survey who described the overall experience of their GP surgery as good or very good.. Higher values are better96.8 %84.8 %
The proportion of patients rated as Very Good for involving patients in decisions about their care87.6 %74.3 %
The proportion of patients satisfied very much with opening hours%76.2 %
The proportion of patients describe their overall experience of out_of hours as GoodNA66.2 %
The proportion of patients having confidence and trust in this GP93.7 %91.9 %
The proportion of patients having confidence and trust in nurse82.7 %84.5 %
The proportion of patients reported they see or speak to a GP they prefer82.8%55.6 %
The proportion of patients reported that the receptionist is very helpful89.3 %86.7 %
The proportion of patients rated the GP as Very Good for treating with care and concern91.7 %82.8 %
The proportion of patients rated the nurse as Very Good for treating with care and concern70.9 %77.5 %
The proportion of patients reported as Yes, that they are able to get an appointment to see or speak to someoneNA84.3 %
The proportion of patients they have a long standing health condition43 %53.5 %
The proportion of patients responding to the questionnaire say that they have a written care plan4.9 %3.2 %
The proportion of patients reported their GP is Good at explaining test and treatment85.6 %81.4 %
The proportion of patients reported the nurse is Good at explaining test and treatment73.7 %76.1 %
*NA : Not Available

Online Patient Transactional Services

Online Patient Transactional Services for Broomhill Surgery are as mentioned below.
Number of patients registered at GP9565
Status of online system for booking and/or cancelling appointmentsPatients enabled the feature of book and cancel appointments online
Total number of online patients registered to use the service to book and/or cancel appointments1824
Total number of appointments scheduling or cancelling transactions165
Status of online system for ordering repeat prescriptionsPatients enabled the functionality to allow them to order prescriptions online
Total number of online patients registered to use the service to order repeat prescriptions1825
Total number of prescriptions ordered173
Status of online system for online patients to view their Detailed Coded Care RecordPatients enabled the functionality to allow them to view detailed coded records online
Total number of accesses of a patients record by an online patient with Detailed Coded Care Record access26

Map and Direction

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