5 Burridge Court, Bedford

5 Burridge Court is a Care Home and a care at home (homecare) provider in Bedford and it is located at 5 Burridge Court, Riverside Close, Bedford, MK42 9DG. 5 Burridge Court can be contacted at phone number . Services offered by 5 Burridge Court are Care home with nursing, Care home without nursing, Homecare, Shared lives, Supported living services and more. Fair Choice Care Ltd is owner organisation for 5 Burridge Court. The local authority of Care Quality Commission for inspection etc. is Bedford and it has been rated as No rating by CQC.

Contact Information

5 Burridge Court
5 Burridge Court, Riverside Close
Bedford, MK42 9DG

Care Home Profile

5 Burridge Court's contact details such as address, phone number, website, email etc. are mentioned below. Patients can call on the below given phone number for more information about the services.
Name5 Burridge Court
Organization TypeCare homes and care at home
Address5 Burridge Court, Riverside Close
Bedford, MK42 9DG
Organization Code1-8291350437
Organization ID10948290


5 Burridge Court offers following services:
Care home with nursing
Care home without nursing
Shared lives
Supported living services

Parent Organisation

Parent OrganisationFair Choice Care Ltd
Organisation TypeSocial care provider
Address5 Burridge Court, Riverside Close, Bedford, MK42 9DG
Parent Organization Id10947876
Parent Organization Code1-7693865150


Performance metric for 5 Burridge Court:
MeasureValueValue Text
Care Quality Commission inspection ratings5No rating
Local authorityBedford
Owning organisationFair Choice Care Ltd
Registered manager in post1Yes registered manager in post

Map and Direction

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